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It’s a natural reflex for your child to suck on their thumb. This habit makes them secure and happy, and it gives them the comfort they need in this crazy world. However, thumbsucking can be a big burden for the teeth, especially permanent teeth.

How can thumbsucking hurt my child’s teeth?

Thumbsucking affects the alignment of the teeth as well as the formation of the roof of the mouth. If they continue sucking on their thumb, they may begin to develop buck teeth and it will warp the mouth as it develops.

When will my child stop sucking their thumb?

Children generally stop sucking their thumbs between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. Many people also notice that the habit stops once the permanent teeth are about to erupt through the gums.

How can I help my child stop the habit?

There are a few things you can do to help your child, like praise them when they do not suck on their thumbs, give your child more love and comfort, and explain why it’s best to stop the habit. You can also try putting a bandage around the thumb or putting a sock around the hand at night.

It’s very important that you help your child stop this habit when the time is right. If you don’t, major dental problems will occur and your child will suffer the consequences. If you need additional tips on how to help your child quit sucking their thumb, please feel free to call our office today and talk to a member of our friendly dental team.