history of dentistry

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At Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry, our team of children’s dentists is dedicated to the craft and practice of complete oral care for your children. From X-rays and other forms of preventive dentistry to interceptive orthodontics and all other needs your kids might have when it comes to a healthy mouth, we’re here to help.

As part of their extensive schooling and training, our kids dentists all also received a strong appreciation for the long history of dental care across the globe. Among the earliest civilizations to practice care for the teeth was the ancient Egyptians – let’s look at a few of the earliest bits of recorded history when it comes to dentists, including a few themes that have persisted all the way to today.

First Recorded Dentist

There are records of oral care in Egypt dating all the way back to the era of 2000 BC, a period where many other civilizations were not even remotely interested in caring for their teeth. According to our best documentation, the first dentist on record was indeed an Egyptian, one known as “Hesy-Ra,” who was given the grand title of “Great One of the Dentists.”

However, this was not the only person in this era who practiced dentistry. There are histories showing that at least nine other people were trained and served as dentists throughout the history of ancient Egypt, and it’s assumed there may have been many more than this that were not recorded.

Diet and Oral Care

Unfortunately for them, these early dentists were up against quite a challenge. Ancient Egyptians ate lots of raw fruits and vegetables, plus plenty of starches – this meant that their teeth went through a lot due to rough textures.

For this reason, dentists were considered very important health figures in ancient Egypt. They treated everything from loose teeth to surgical removals, using far more rudimentary methods than we have today but often utilizing themes we still hold onto. Many of their earliest techniques helped shape the dental procedures still used today.

Early Dental Bridges

In addition, ancient Egyptian dentists are commonly credited with developing the first dental bridges in human civilization. They used thin gold wires that were threaded around and through a replacement tooth, which could fill an area that had lost a tooth. The wires would attach to nearby teeth in the mouth, thereby grounding the new bridge in the proper location. They even experimented with further additions here, including thicker, gold-plated mouth-guard devices that were often viewed as signs of wealth or status among the elite – themes that still exist today in some circles.

For more on how the ancient Egyptians helped form and popularize many modern forms of dentistry, or to learn about any of our children’s dentist services, speak to the staff at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry today.