Home Tooth Decay Prevention

At Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry, our primary mission is the continual care and upkeep of you and your child’s teeth. Our kids dentist services include proactive, preventive methods for long-lasting tooth and gum health, plus habits that will stick with kids forever. One of the biggest combatants we’re engaged against? Tooth decay, or any permanently… Read more »

The Issues Misaligned Teeth Can Lead To

Our interceptive orthodontics help prevent a number of potential dental issues at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry, and chief among these for many kids is misaligned teeth. Teeth that are out of place can lead to a number of issues down the line, and these issues can be both costly and damaging to your child’s dental… Read more »

The Mannequin Challenge

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How X-Rays Benefit Children’s Tooth Health

There are many tools a pediatric dentist uses to help maintain a child’s dental health, and one of the more modern among these is the X-ray, also known as a radiograph. An X-ray of the mouth and surrounding structures is a valuable process for a children’s dentist, and one we use regularly at Children’s Crossing… Read more »

December No Cavity Club Winner!!

Congratulations to our December “No Cavity Club” winner!

Types, Methods and Importance of Child Flossing

If getting kids to brush regularly is tough, getting them to floss (or be open to having their teeth flossed for them) is even tougher for many parents. It’s a whole other hassle for them, and some begin to associate the minor pain with a negative compared to the friendly taste and feel of brushing…. Read more »

Tips for Keeping Kids Interested in Brushing

As a premier children’s dentist in Utah, we at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry know full well how difficult it can be to get your young children to brush their teeth. Tooth brushing quickly comes to feel like a chore just as much as visiting your kids’ dentist, and defiant youngsters may waste lots of time… Read more »

4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Your child’s teeth are not permanent, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them and not take care of them. Yes, they are going to fall out eventually but if you are not providing the proper care those baby teeth could become infected, causing pain and leading to tooth loss sooner than the correct age…. Read more »

Options for Children Who Are Afraid of the Dentist

Most people wouldn’t put a visit to the dentist on the top of their list of “most fun things to do”, but getting regular dental treatment is essential for optimal health in your mouth and your body overall. Sometimes, though, children can develop a fear of visiting a Saratoga Springs dentist, either after a negative… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Did you know that The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your children for their first dental checkup by the time they turn 1 year old? While it may seem overzealous to bring your children to the dentist at such a young age, there is a good reason for this recommendation. Delaying the first… Read more »