How to Prevent Thumbsucking

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Thumbsucking can create problems with the growth of the mouth and the alignment of the teeth, which is why we ask that you do everything you can to keep your child from sucking their thumb. To help you do so, our Children's Crossing team recommends that you do the following things:

· Praise your child when they choose not to suck on their thumb.
· Children generally suck their thumbs because they feel nervous or insecure, so the best thing you can do is correct the cause of the anxiety and comfort your child.
· Work with your child and come up with a way to stop the habit.
· Have your dentist explain why the thumbsucking habit is dangerous and what it can do to the teeth. If your child sees the consequences, they might decide to quit.
· Put a sock or bandage over the thumb at night to remind your child not to suck on it.
· Talk to your dentist or family doctor about prescribing a bitter medication to place over the thumb. When your child sucks the thumb, they will taste the bitterness and will not want to suck on it anymore.

If you need additional tips that can save your child’s smile, please remember that you can always call Children's Crossing and schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael C. Tew. Our caring dental team is here to help you in any way we can, and we are happy to assist you if you just call 801-766-4900 today!