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There are many tools a pediatric dentist uses to help maintain a child’s dental health, and one of the more modern among these is the X-ray, also known as a radiograph. An X-ray of the mouth and surrounding structures is a valuable process for a children’s dentist, and one we use regularly at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry.

X-rays cover different things than many of our physical examinations, and can have different benefits. Here are the primary areas being addressed by X-rays.

Growth and Development

One of the primary uses of X-rays is maintaining and monitoring the growth and development of young teeth. A process called eruption is happening often in these earlier years – this is when new teeth are growing in through the gums and becoming active parts of the mouth.

X-rays can help with basics like the number and size of new teeth, plus can assist with more detailed measures like exact tooth placement and certain gum alignments. If there are major alignment issues, an X-ray is often the first way they’re picked up.

Injuries or Missing Teeth

This same growth process can come with some hurdles for many children, with basic tooth injuries or missing teeth some of the most common issues. Children might be missing issues for simple, non-worrisome reasons, or there might be a more significant issue behind it. X-rays can also help determine the extent of the damage when there’s an injury to a tooth. In rare cases, children may have extra teeth growing in, and X-rays can be of assistance here too.

Orthodontic Treatment

In cases where children need orthodontic treatment like braces or a retainer, X-rays often help set a baseline. They can be used for exact measurements and to see difficult areas of the mouth, and detect certain potential issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Minimal Radiation

Many parents worry about radiation levels for their children, and while this is totally understandable, it’s an overblown concern in the year 2017. Basic dental X-rays are very safe, and the exposure to radiation is extremely limited. We take all appropriate precautions for your children to make sure they face no additional health risk from our procedures.

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