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Child dentistry is an ongoing process that spans a period of years, and that’s why you and your child need a pediatric dentist who can stay with you the whole way. At Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry, our professionals are here for the long haul to help your children receive all the proper dental care.

What are the common stages your child will go through at a children’s dentist? Let’s look at each of the three broad areas we’ll help walk you through over the years.

Baby and Infant Care

Babies do not have teeth when they’re born, and they won’t for the first period of their lives. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing to consider in this area, however – there’s lots to do in a preemptive sense. After feedings, make sure you begin cleaning your child’s gums with a soft cloth or tissue to help remove milk or formula from their gums. This will stimulate the gums and prepare them for when baby teeth begin to grow in, and it will also rid the gums of any bacteria that might lead to infection.

Once baby teeth begin to grow in, a few things change. You’ll need to make sure you have a gentle toothbrush on hand, and you’ll be responsible for brushing new baby teeth twice per day. Ask your kids dentist if you have any questions about the brushing process.

Preschool Care

As children reach preschool age around 3 or 4, their initial teeth should all be fully grown in. You’ll remain involved in their brushing, but this is usually around the point where they can start taking some responsibility as well, perhaps beginning to brush with you in the room to help in case there are any issues.

Older Children

As children reach ages 7 or 8, they should be mostly capable of brushing completely on their own, and by age 9 they should be able to brush without any supervision or hassling. To ensure their brushing habits remain constant and they’re covering the right areas, regular checkups with their pediatric dentist are important even if there aren’t any particular issues taking place.

For more information on the stages of child dental care, or to find out more about our pediatric dental services, speak to the friendly staff at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry today.