4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

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Your child’s teeth are not permanent, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them and not take care of them. Yes, they are going to fall out eventually but if you are not providing the proper care those baby teeth could become infected, causing pain and leading to tooth loss sooner than the correct age…. Read more »

How to Floss Your Child’s Teeth

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If you would like your child to grow into a strong, beautiful smile, then it’s best to floss their teeth each day. However, our team understands that that might be a difficult goal to achieve if you’re not sure how to properly floss your child’s smile. So, to help you, Dr. and our team have… Read more »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention Techniques

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Have you ever heard of baby bottle tooth decay? If not, our team is happy to tell you all about it. Baby bottle tooth decay in , , is a common dental problem found among many babies. It’s a serious issue that can lead to poor eating habits, speech problems, crooked teeth, and damaged permanent… Read more »

Wise Diet Choices for Oral Health This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is almost here bringing delicious aromas and food within our fingertips. This Thanksgiving, remember that the foods you choose will impact your health, and your teeth. That is why it’s important to use these diet tips when it comes to eating any major meal or thanksgiving feast. The diet tips and foods that should… Read more »