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Our interceptive orthodontics help prevent a number of potential dental issues at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry, and chief among these for many kids is misaligned teeth. Teeth that are out of place can lead to a number of issues down the line, and these issues can be both costly and damaging to your child’s dental health.

What are some of the future issues in kids that the right dentist services can help prevent? Let’s take a look.

Tooth Injury or Wearing

Misaligned teeth are often seen in the form of protruding bottom teeth, a common issue in kids. This will cause the lower teeth to rub against the upper teeth often, which can wear down tooth enamel over time and create problems. In these cases, the risk of tooth injury is also much greater – teeth are much more likely to crack or chip in the case of a trauma to the head.

Cleaning Issues

The tough part of cleaning teeth is always in figuring out how to reach those difficult areas, and with misaligned teeth, this becomes an even larger issue in many cases. It’s even tougher for floss and brush bristles to reach the places where bacteria might be growing, and this can lead to dangerous buildups.

Gum Disease

Called “periodontal disease” in the medical field, this is one of the most frequently-seen results of misaligned teeth. Gum disease forms when those bacterial buildups we just talked about reach dangerous levels, and then become plaque in the mouth. Enough plaque buildup will lead to gum disease, which can be a risk not only to the mouth, but to overall health.

Bad Breath

Protruding teeth can also often lead to chewing problems, mostly when the teeth are rubbed together in a way that prevents typical alignment. Relatedly, breath can also be much worse for kids with misaligned teeth – the same bacteria causing issues for gum disease or cleaning can also cause foul odors, and these conditions can become chronic without the right attention.

Want to learn more about the risks of misaligned teeth, or any of our other children’s dentist services? Speak to the friendly staff at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry today.