Night guards can be a lifesaver for children who grind their teeth in their sleep. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause damage to your child’s teeth and lead to dental problems down the line. That is where night guards here at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry come in — they are a simple and effective way to protect your child’s teeth from the harmful effects of grinding.

Our night guards are custom-made to fit your child’s teeth, ensuring maximum comfort and protection. They are made of soft and durable material that will last for months or even years, and they can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

The best part about night guards is that they are completely painless to wear. Your child will not even know they are wearing it, except for the fact that they will be waking up with a relaxed and rested jaw and teeth.

So do not wait until your child’s teeth are damaged by teeth grinding. Talk with Dr. Jeffrey K. Rupp, Dr. Michael Tew and associates about getting a custom-made night guard for your child and give them the protection and peace of mind they deserve. Call us today at 385-403-8949 to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists and learn more about night guards in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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