Dental crowns are not just for adults — they are an excellent solution for restoring teeth in children. If your child has a tooth that is severely decayed or damaged, a dental crown may be recommended. Crowns are custom-made to fit perfectly over the tooth and provide long-lasting protection and strength. They are also great for preventing further decay and avoiding the need for extraction.

One of the biggest benefits of dental crowns for children is that they can restore your child’s confidence and comfort while eating, speaking and smiling. Plus, crowns are often made from durable materials such as porcelain or ceramic, ensuring that they will withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Another great thing about dental crowns for children is that they can be designed to look just like natural teeth, so your child will not even notice a difference in their appearance. And since crowns can last for many years with proper care, they are a great investment in your child’s long-term oral health.

The process of placing a dental crown usually involves two visits to the dentist. During the first visit, our pediatric dentists will prepare the tooth by removing any decay and shaping it to fit the crown. Then, a mold of the tooth will be made to create a custom-fitted crown. At the second visit, the crown will be placed on the tooth and adjusted as needed for a comfortable fit. This will ensure that the crown is properly secured and looks natural in your child’s mouth.

Do not let a damaged tooth bring down your child’s smile. Let us help restore their teeth to their former glory with dental crowns in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Call us today at (385) 374-1332 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey K. Rupp, Dr. Michael Tew and associates at Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry.

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